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Positive Thinking (How To Attain It)
1997 by Nick Arandes

This writings contain copyrighted material. All rights reserved. The intention of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for personal growth. The steps outlined in this program are being put into practice by the author on a daily basis. In the event you use any of the information contained in this book, the author and the publisher assume no responsibilities for your actions.

Positive thinking is a very interesting topic because everyone seems to talk about it but few are successful at attaining it. I think the reason is, most people try to teach it at an intellectual level, as if it is something you do by making a conscious choice to be or feel that way all the time. I am not going to deny that we all have the ability to make choices. Then why some of these choices like thinking positive for example, can sometimes be so difficult and mentally exhausting?

Whether our thoughts originate in our mind or somewhere beyond that, it is said that every thought is generated by either memory or desire. The memory of an action, a deed, or an event that we may have done in the past, whether consciously or unconsciously, may trigger a thought which will generate a mental, emotional, and/or physical response. When we have a desire on the other hand, whether it comes from our higher self, ego, or whichever source we want to attribute the desire to, another thought is automatically created which will generate a mental, emotional and/or physical response, just like the thought triggered by memory.

So if that is the nature of our thoughts, then how can we create or for that matter help create thoughts that generate more pleasant responses in our emotional and physical well being? This is an example I use when I speak in front of an audience. I ask a husband in the group, if he were to do something that would hurt his wife's feelings, how would he feel. His automatic response is "awful." Then I ask, "how about if you do something that makes your wife feel wonderful, how would you feel?" His response usually is, "I 'd feel great, or good or pleased." Somewhere along those lines. Then I ask, "when you do something good for your wife and she feels great, do you feel like you have to work hard to be positive or to have a good day?" His response is no. That is my point, positive thinking is nothing you have to work hard at it, it is a natural response. And it is triggered by the good deeds we do for others.

Now lets go to the desire aspect of it. When we have a natural desire to express our truth, to grow, to share our talents and gifts, suppressing those natural desires can create frustration and resentment which will make it literally impossible to achieve a positive attitude. In my own experience, when I went through moments when it appeared as if my life was falling apart, what carried me through was the fact that I was doing what I was guided to do, which kept my awareness on purpose. That helped me generate a peace of mind and a positive attitude that not only would draw good things and positive events in my life, also that would help me carry on.

Notice that I mentioned keeping my awareness on purpose. To me it means that I was not doing things for personal gratification but for a much larger vision. Look at it this way, if your passion is to write, writing is your talent, you feel a sense of gratification just by allowing yourself the opportunity to do that which your heart wants to do. Sharing it with others is another reward. By sharing it with others, you are being of service to them. As you can see, in the giving is the receiving. Your service is your receiving even when you are the one being of service. Giving yourself the opportunity to express your gift and to share it with others bring a natural feeling of fulfillment in life that comes across also drawing good things towards you.

Yes, I am not going to deny that it was sometimes challenging sharing these principles while I was going through situations that would appear to be the opposite of what I was trying to demonstrate, but every time that I would find myself facing those types of situations I would remind myself that whatever I was going through, it was simply an opportunity for me to shine, to demonstrate who I really am. Because remember, the only way you can experience yourself as the light, is when you are surrounded by darkness. The key is to remember who you are, for then you can shine your light onto the darkness as opposed to throw in the towel. Neil Donald Walsh, the author of "Conversations With God," shares a beautiful parable which illustrated this truth.

So really a positive attitude is not something we attain perse but something we naturally experience as a result of the way we live. The way we carry on through life. Serve others, live your truth, do what you love, use your talents and abilities to create a space for others to feel loved and safe. Make a difference, for the world needs and longs for your individual gift(s) which are deep within you ready to be expressed. You do that, and you will no longer need to learn how to think positive. That is something you will become!

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my gift with you. Now it is time for you to share your gift(s) with the rest of the world, always remembering that All Your Dreams Are Meant To Be Fulfilled! because the truth is, Your Were Born To Manifest Miracles!

For a full collection of Nick's writings and books please visit his site at:
God bless you!
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