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The following is a translation of a message I sent to the Dutch members of my newsletter.

Magnificent loving Co-Creator,

"It may seem as if this newsletter is only about the occupation of Tibet by the Chinese, but actually I'm giving you a powerful short exercise you can use to solve all problems in your life. Conscious forgiveness and blessing are the powerful weapons of love...

In Tibet more than 100 people, including children, have set themselves on fire. Just as terrible as the images of self-immolations are those of the degeneration of this once so spiritual nation. Because of the disruption of their economy and culture by the Chinese (even though it's with the unconscious cooperation of the Tibetans), there is a general feeling of dejection and many are drinking and became criminals.
The communications about self-immolations of Tibetans and medieval practices of the Chinese occupying forces are so saddening, especially when, like me, you realize how simple it is to deal with such miserable situations. If people would only apply it. Though I have to admit it isn't easy. We have a natural resistance to changing. How desperate do people have to be to really want to change themselves?

A few years ago I sent a similar email after the disaster in Japan. I hope to contribute to a real solution of this awful conflict. The collective consciousness needs Light and Love for this. The Tibetans need the support of the conscious creators.

As Esther Hicks says: “One conscious creator has more power than millions of unconscious ones.”
I would like to add: The ones who are conscious have the responsibility for a vision that is aligned with Divine Reality. Use your power for good!

You are completely supported, deeply loved and incredibly powerful. You are an unlimited divine creature. When your mind is healed, the whole world is healed, together with you.

Let's bring Light to the consciousness of those who are stuck in the conflict of Tibet and China.

How do we go about that?

First we have to get out of the way and let our thoughts about this conflict be purified.
When you are confronted with such enormous problems, you could feel that it's no use, whatever you do. Or you feel anger about the “injustice” that the Chinese inflict on the “innocent” Tibetans. There is no guilt! They are involved in a pattern, a kind of dance of “supply and demand” and they are unable to disengage themselves.

The people who work with the Energetic techniques of the Transformator can treat their feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and anger with it. Of course there are also other ways to raise your vibration and use your pain about a problem in a constructive way.

Who wouldn't feel sympathy for the Tibetans and their immense suffering that even drives them to terrible violence against themselves? A Buddhist nation that rejects violence? We do not join in suffering, for we refuse to be on a wavelength that creates more suffering.
The Chinese also deserve our love, especially those playing the role of oppressors. To be so imprisoned by ego, so far removed from your true Self…

When you treat yourself with the Transformator, you begin at the left side of your body:
Press on your left brow with the fingers of your left hand and say aloud:
This anger, this sadness and this powerlessness I feel about these people in need.

Softly tap on the side of your left eye and say:
It ads to my fear for our seemingly uncertain existence.

Under the eye: these agonizing images of people who set themselves on fire.
Under the nose: I feel powerless.
On the chin: Our addiction to negativity and worry.
On the collarbone: Look at the world we create with that.

Right side of the body:
Brow: I choose to be truly helpful. In my mind I join with all who are creating a new world filled with peace and abundance.
Side of the eye: Whatever happens to our body, we are always safe, for we are spiritual Beings.
Under the eye: I choose to be inspired by images of courage and compassion and miraculous reunions.
Under the nose: I have created another possibility to feel powerless. Very clever!
On the chin: I let go of all those negative feelings, I let them go.
On the collarbone: even though it may not look like it, I choose to realize that we are all safe, powerful and deeply loved.

I send divine Light and Love to all in this situation in Tibet. Only the best can come to all involved. Humans have no idea what the best is. I give this situation completely to God. Nothing is more powerful.

Peace be with all of us…

What else can you do?

Through meditation you can also contribute. Of course meditation is true prayer. Therefore not the next kind of prayer:
“God, people are dying in Tibet, they lose their loved ones, the nation is on the brink of an economic and spiritual ruin and cultural genocide. Please help them.”

That kind of prayer is ineffective. God knows no evil, no death, no loss and no tragedy. A God Who would know these evils would be an evil God.
The wavelength, the vibration God is on, is full of joy, happiness and peace. We as collective human consciousness are the creators of all misery.
And whoever is not part of the solution, is part of the problem. Which is fine, it's the best the ones who aren't conscious can do: But why would anyone consciousely choose that? If you are aware of the oneness of all-that-is, it would be impossible.

Here is a short prayer for Tibet and China.
Let Divine Spirit purify any hatred in the hearts of all involved in this conflict between Tibet and China and heal their minds of all painful thoughts about guilt in each other. Lift up their minds and free their hearts. Let their relationship be transformed by love.

lEnlighten all in this situation with Divine Light and let the best be done for all involved. Let only the best come to all involved. Humans have no idea what the best is. I give this situation completely to God. Nothing is more powerful. All conflict will dissolve like it did for East Germany. One day there's an occupation, the next day it's just gone. Peace be with all of us…

A meditation for peace between Tibetans and Chinese.
Begin by relaxing your mind and body, any way you can. You could focus on your breath and silently count to ten.

Next you could read the following text:

I now realize that I must be a divine creation, connected with perfect well-being and abundance. I remember completely that this is my birth right and my natural state. And as I remember the divine power and my birth right, I know that I only have to focus my attention and my energy on what I want to experience and I know that this power to choose what I want to create, supports me to experience anything I choose.
In the purity of my being as I truly am, I naturally choose experiences of abundance and happiness. I was created to experience complete and utter joyful abundance.

And as I prepare to enjoy this day, I connect in my mind with all who create a new world filled with an abundance of all good.

Now I will declare my intentions for this day. Intentions that are in agreement with my true being and divine reality. I think about the experiences I would like to have today. And what I would like to see in the world. I imagine all abundance and happiness that I will enjoy this delightful day.

This day I join all who hold a vision of deep healing for the relationship of Tibet and China and everyone who is affected by their former conflicts. We see miraculous friendships and acts of love. We call on angels and loving divine powers to bless and aid everyone who contributes to the solution. We send love and divine Light to all peaceworkers in order for them to be strong, full of vitality and courage and are supported in the execution of their task. We also send divine Light and Love to the souls who have chosen to make the transition. Not because they need it, for they are now in the Light. But we need to realize that.

We see how countries join their forces to make every necessary aid available. We choose a vision of a planet where all people recognize the divine in each other and lift each other up, and nurture and support each other in times of stress, tragedy and trauma. They are our unconscious collective miscreations. Let those of us who are aware of our creative power, accept our responsibility and fill the collective consciousness with creations filled with light and love and joy.

We see how friends, families and lovers are joyfully reunited. We hold a vision of resources in abundance that are delivered to the Tibetans and a powerful network that offers everything necessary to all in need. We see that everyone there is safe.

We hold a powerful vision of healing in Tibet. We see how the people in Tibet recover quickly and that the Tibetan economy reacts strong and resilient. The people use the misery of the past as an opportunity to anchor the energy of abundance even deeper in the collective consciousness.

We see people walking in the streets joyfully, completely healed of the fear and energy of the conflict they have experienced. We see that the people in Tibet live safely in freedom, free of needless pain and suffering and can freely embrace their culture and religion.

We see this situation as an opportunity to cooperate as divine siblings, loving one another and uplifting the consciousness of freedom and abundance in our world. Together we create a world in which love rules and all people are nurtured and respected and empowered. We are all free to fully express our authentic selves.

Now you will prepare to close this meditation, while you enjoy the vision of a peaceful abundant world. You have set your intentions for the day. You know your day will be filled with abundant opportunities to increase your joy, happiness and abundance. You only have to be ready to undertake guided inspired action, that is aligned with your desires and intentions.

You breathe deeply and thank for everything, for this wonderful day filled with miracles and delightful surprises. You are so blessed and you know that you will use your abundant blessings to increase the blessings of others.

Now become completely conscious of your body. Focus your attention on your body, tighten and then relax your toes, your feet, your calves, your knees, your thighs, your buttocks, your back, your belly, your chest, your shoulders, your fingers, your hands, your arms, your neck, your face, even the tiniest muscle and the top of your head. You are now completely present in your body and in your life. You smile, stretch and greet this moment with joyful expectation of all abundant miracles you will enjoy today.

Support of the International Campaign for Tibet by shopping in their online store or donating at
For the rest of 2013 Richard Gere will match your donation for double the impact.

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